15 Females Allow Their own Very best Online dating Assistance

Is It Ok For A Young Person To Give Up On Looking For Love?

They had probably done the dating dance at least once, with less optimal results. The frustration alone would have hardly encouraged them to do the complicated little dance again. And yes, it does seem like a hopeless quest, but there are still many men out there who believe in romance and want to find their perfect match.

I still have a good life, so i don’t feel the need to join an activity that could shatter my confidence and so making my life worse. But please explain to me why dating is fun, and why I shouldn’t give up on it. I always end up being the guy getting patronized day in and day out. I’m always the “one day” guy or the “some day” guy. No thanks, being celibate and lonely are bad, but the alternative is litteraly worse than death for many guys. And then, once you’re ready, your love will find its way to you.

You think it’s fun for me to get ghosted? When all that bullshit happens to me, its my fault. Its my fault that that I’m having all this bullshit from full of shit people happen to me.

They don’t dislike women at all they just don’t date them. You do realize you have a double standard, right? They’re here to open your eyes to the bullshit that’s stuck in your mind.

But somehow men are the ones with the attractiveness issue. Woman here who stumbled on this site due to a Google search about me being uncertain. Some of the comments posted make me disappointed in my own gender. A lot of women are very materialistic and I don’t blame half of you for never dating them.

It’s called Chivalry and it’s NOT dead. Call it unfair, imbalanced, old-fashioned…whatever you want. Fight it as much as you like…just like many women do. And this discussion is for women as well as men, btw.

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