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The New Instgram Dating App Brings Dating to Instagram

Dating men can be an exercise in frustration. Dating men can also be an exercise in self-hatred. And I’m not just talking about the bi-curious woman who decides she wants to date only men. Take it from me; being bi-curious means having the option to date only men, yet knowingly walk right into the burning, raging dating fire. So where do you begin?

Dating men can often feel like walking through the emotional labour of our relationships with our boyfriends and husband. The layout is very much out of our hands. In fact, some of us actively instigate the emotional labour in our relationships by engaging him in intimate conversations before we’re ready to let go. We consciously use certain physical triggers which we hope will get us what we want from a relationship. However, the labour never ends, and so neither does the fire.

As a result of all this consciously inflicted emotional labour on us, many of us find ourselves with dating problems. It’s not uncommon for a younger woman to fall into the trap of trying to please her older man too quickly and to appear desperate to keep him. This usually goes on to create a negative feedback loop in which the younger woman continually criticises her older man, and the older man in turn appears to take further offence. The cycle continues. But this is where so many women end up wrong.

Instead of wasting their time worrying about whether they are making the right impression, why not use the power of the internet to meet and communicate with a specific set of people? That’s what Limjoco is for – to help modern women find and communicate with other modern women. You see, Limjoco is an online dating community specifically for older Asian and Indian/Chinese men. Many of the women who frequent the site are looking for love and romance in their lives. They are seeking men of all ages, from twenty to sixty, and even those with disabilities.

Rather than having to worry about whether you are giving off the right signals, the other members of the dating pool can be more reassured. They know that there are no ulterior motives and that you simply want to have fun. You will find that you will be able to build up relationships quicker than ever before. The dating pool can be used as a sort of dating aid for straight women searching for Asian or Arab men.

Of course, being a member of the dating pool means that you don’t actually have to date men. When you join, you will be given a username and password, and given a list of ‘queer-friendly’ websites. You can then browse through the profiles of Asian and Jewish men, for example, and choose to message them on whichever site matches your preferences. If you have chosen a website that specifically caters to queers, you will be able to contact them online or via chat. This is important as it gives you the chance to get to know someone before you decide whether you wish to take a relationship to the next level.

Another advantage to online dating is that you are able to communicate with many queers at once, something that isn’t possible in many situations. While there is a certain camaraderie among straight women who date men, there is often a feeling of isolation due to the fact that they come from a different sexual orientation. It’s a common belief that all queers are straight, so finding a date from this group can be a little tricky. However, there are many queers who do date men; if you are determined to find one then it should be relatively easy to approach a man who is a member of the queer community.

So how does the new Instagram application solve the dating issues for straight women? In short, it allows you to create a profile that others can view if they choose to; the more you post on the site, the more chances you have of attracting a user who might share your interests. There are currently many people enjoying Instgram, so it has certainly captured the imagination of the modern woman. With the help of the Instagram dating app, you will easily be able to find a date from such a site.

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